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Bird sighting today

Bird sighting today — two mourning doves, having returned to the porch rail after a winter away. They are a kind of unsettled peace — they, who are not mourning and I who will not part with grief. The are, in this season, all bustle and preen and light with the air. Here in the city, where do they make their nest? It must be nearby and I — I am so far from home. (April 27, 2008)


Worse than misdirection

Worse than misdirection. The notion that, once traveled before, the long road bends by minute degrees back upon itself. In the haze one both knows this for a fact and curses the inevitability, but will not change. Finally, the whole party stops in loose gravel at the backside of familiar landmarks. Silos, power stacks, the loading docks, the logistic end of the rural city. What is there now to do, but to turn and drive the long arc back to town? (April 1, 2008)