Galton Hollow List

Having just returned from a week on the water at the Dale Hollow Reservoir, here is a short, incomplete inventory:

Shale: everywhere
Cliff-side yuccas: plenty
Opuntia: several
Bluegills: plump
Chiggers: yes
Dragonflies: uncounted
Dragonflies perching on the rim of my beer can: 3
Spouse’s siblings and nephews: 6
Green Herons: 2
Water snakes: 2
Turtles: 2 (one dead)
Catfish lines: way too many
Unidentified, waterside shrub covered with butterflies: frequent
Stainless steel bowls accidentally pilfered from houseboat: at least 1
Raccoons witnessed at 4am: 1
Minnows in my trap: 0


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